CMC Gentleman's model 1876

In 1876 the Coventry Machinists Co.  had 2 models: the Gentleman's and the Racer.
This bicycle with serial 6977 is was for sale at the shop of Yesterday's and it is a very fine example of the '76 model The Gentleman's. It has been restored and foot rests are not original. 

Compared to the model of 1875-76 the spring was lowered, with a sliding end.  There were some other minor changes - especially on front hub details - but nothing really dramatic. It still was an oldfashioned, heavy bicycle with bearings that were directly inherited from the boneshakers. But it was sturdy and durable and numerous people traveled the country with these bicycles. They didn't break or gave up, which was a real advantage on the roads of those days. All constructions were 'proven technology', as we call it nowadays. That (and clever marketing strategies) is the main reason why CMC built thousands of these, and quite a few remain.